Different kinds of traders

As there are different types of brokers, there are also the particular kinds of traders. This article sheds light on the most common types of traders:

Swing trader:

In swing trader, traders usually keep their positions remain open for a number of days. The essential factor in front of swing traders is that they consider the per trade commission (as these traders make several trades each month).

Another crucial thing for them is the speed necessary for trade implementation, swing traders remain open their position for a longer period of time. Other than this, for these types of traders account preservation fees is not a big thing.

In addition, it is necessary that swing traders must have 24 hours access to the real data about changes in prices and traded volumes that are traded with the help of their agents, but these benefits are nowadays being offered by almost all big names.

Day Trader or day Scalper:

For these traders timely implementation of trades is crucial – to avert slippage. Also, they must have correct real-time facts about different prices and volumes.

An additional benefit for them is that their broker provides them with more thorough data. Also, it is useful if the agent provides them with time-to-time real time news about the market, which they can rely for instance from Reuters.

These traders generally make hundreds of thousands of trades every month with much higher volume, thus they also get the advantage from flat fees.